American Association Management Vendor Program

American Association Management Vendor Program
American Association Management is focused on the needs of our Clients. We realize the importance of the relationship with our Clients and the value our vendor program adds to this relationship. The American Association Management vendor program allows our vendors to provide special pricing to the communities we manage.

Website Advertising
The American Association Management Vendor Program allows your company to be listed on the American Association Management preferred vendor list. A link to your company's website is available to all vendors that are part of our vendor program. Your company must be licensed and insured and have performed satisfactory work for American Association Management's clients in the past. American Association Management's Web Site is a valuable tool for our Clients and has a tremendous amount of information. We have thousands of hits on our website monthly. American Association Management also manages a multitude of rental homes, multi-family and apartment complexes, as well as commercial properties.

American Association Management Vendor Program Guidelines ensures that vendors are fully aware of all expectations and requirements when they engage with the American Association Management’s Clients, improving the quality and timeliness of work. A American Association Management Client can move directly into the process of bidding and engaging with American Association Management's Preferred Vendors without having to perform the investigative work. This saves time and money. In some cases the Preferred Vendors can begin work as soon as a work order has been issued. American Association Management will not guarantee or warrantee the services provided by any designated American Association Management Preferred Vendor. However, we can say at the time the Preferred Vendor did work for American Association Management, they did a good job and were licensed and insured at the time they provided their services

Insurance & License Required
Attached is the form we require all Preferred Vendors to complete and return. Please note that American Association Management is looking to be named additional insured on all Preferred Vendors liability insurance policies to be a part of the Preferred Vendor Program and must be stated so on the certificate of insurance on file.

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