Vendor Service Center

Welcome to the American Association Management Vendor Service Center where we strive to quickly and efficiently answer your questions and assist you as you serve the communities that we manage.

Vendors have several options to contact us for various purposes:
  1. Vendor Invoicing - Simply click on the links below to obtain instructions or to submit a question.
  2. 2. Contact American Association Management - Most projects are negotiated and scheduled through our staff. Please contact our General Office for the name and contact information for the CAM of the community in question.
    • Email - Email us at or directly to the CAM and let us know what we can do for you. Please be sure to include the name of your company and the name of the HOA or Condominium Association in question.
    • Telephone Number - Call us at (734) 585-5174 .
    • Fax - Fax us at (734) 368-9845. Please be sure to include your full name, the name of your company, and the name of the HOA or Condominium Association in question so we can forward your fax to the proper CAM.
    • U.S. Mail - Mail us any pertinent correspondence along with your full name, the name of your company and the name of the HOA or Condominium Association:
      American Association Management Inc.
      210 Collingwood Dr., Suite #210
      Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Vendor Invoice Electronic Submission
Welcome to the American Association Management Vendor Invoice Instructions page. This submission process is for services you have provided to community associations managed American Association Management.


The high cost of advertising and postage does not have to stop your company from becoming known. One of the values of being a preferred vendor is the immediate exposure to the key people in the industry (managers, board of directors and homeowners)

Interested vendors are instructed to complete the "Advantage Program Vendor Application" form and return it to our office. The information requested must be complete. We have hundreds of visitors weekly on our web site. As a preferred vendor, you can have your own link to your web page. *If you currently don't have a web page, arrangement can be made to create one for you.

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American Association Management
210 Collingwood Dr. Suite #210, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Telephone: (734) 585-5174
Fax: (734) 368-9845

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